Accelerate Your Growth and Take Your Business To The NEXT LEVEL!
** Limited Spots Available ** 

In-Person Meetings And Monthly Calls

Maximum 10-Person Group

25k Minimum Monthly Revenue

Congratulations! You have a business and revenue is strong. But you know that your business could do even better. 

You also know that if you keep doing what you've always done—the same sales channels with the same products— using the same strategies—you'll get what you've always got.

You're looking for growth—searching for new ideas, for better methods, for fresh concepts.
Accelerated growth for your business is possible—if you put yourself in the right environment with other dedicated business owners. Surround yourself with people who are ready to discuss, debate, and take action on the right concepts. Learn from each other. Learn from experts. Hold yourself accountable to making the changes necessary, and you'll be surprised just how fast your business can grow.

It's time to change things up, get MAJOR growth, learn new methods, and share exciting ideas to take your business
to the NEXT LEVEL - 
It's Time You Build A Business That WON'T Disappear At The Whim of Amazon, Ebay, or Any Other Channel...
Over the years I've surrounded myself with super smart people and built a pretty AWESOME team here at The Amazing Seller with years of business and marketing experience. We have now put together and incredible mastermind group that's unlike any other.

Inside the TAS Inner Circle, you will surround yourself with high-end, dedicated business owners who are EXCITED and READY to TAKE ACTION, to diversify their businesses and really THRIVE.

Here, you can put yourself into a unique environment where you can learn from and educate other entrepreneurs who are striving for the exact same thing you are: business excellence and creating more freedom while growing their businesses.

We also FOCUS on creating a powerful mindset and pushing our own limits to help each other GROW in business and in LIFE!

Inside the TAS Inner Circle, not only will you be able to relax, knowing that you and your business are in the hands of determined business professionals who are just as dedicated to making your business thrive as you are, but you'll get access to a wealth of education, skills, and expertise that would otherwise take you YEARS to build if you were doing it all alone...
The TAS Inner Circle is NOT for beginners. 
Let me repeat that. Our Inner Circle is not for beginners. Every member of this exclusive mastermind will have a thriving business with a lot of expertise to bring to the table.

Selected members must be prepared to make a significant investment to join!

Don't settle for the same old tricks and the same results.

Don't wait for Amazon or Ebay or ANYONE ELSE to decide if your business is going to thrive.

Take ACTION and take your business BEYOND where you are today!
BUT getting AMAZING results takes a lot of HARD WORK, and we have to be absolutely dedicated to really crushing it. It means INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION to the details of your unique business and goals. 

Which is why we limit each TAS Inner Circle group to just TEN people.

This GUARANTEES each member gets a chance to FOCUS on how to take their business to the next level.
The TAS Inner Circle is NOT open to everyone. It is by invite only. You can submit an application to request an invite, that my team and I will go through personally.
If you are selected, you will receive a personal invite and a phone call to make sure you are a good fit.

We have turned down over 50% of all applicants, because we make sure each member adds value to the group and also is an ACTION TAKER!
First - this program is expensive. It's not the most expensive program out there, but it definitely isn't the cheapest. 

We have NEVER offered consistent and direct access to our team (and all our resources), much less offered to give direct advice and help on specific sticking points inside of your business. 

In the past, we've said that if we did "consulting," it would cost AT LEAST $1,000 per hour. When you consider EVERYTHING that's included in the TAS Inner Circle, it adds up to over $57,000.

Obviously, we're not going to charge that (in fact, we're not even going to charge half of that),  but in order to make it worth YOUR time and to bring YOU the best resources, it's not going to be cheap.

If you are selected to join the TAS Inner Circle, you must be prepared to make an investment of $25,000.

Which, honestly, is pennies compared to the incredible value you will get here.

Second - you will be expected to use what you learn in each session RAPIDLY, and share your results with the rest of us. 

You'll be expected to implement the things you learn in each meeting QUICKLY, so you can come back the next month and let us know how things are going, so we can ALL learn from it.

Finally - you MUST be willing to share what is working for you with everyone else - and they will be required to share their secrets with YOU.

If you want to be a part of the TAS Inner Circle, you need to act fast, because...
What would happen to your business if your top-selling product disappeared?
Anecdote about starting a new brand

Went from NOTHIN' to THIS HUGE NUMBER in JUST A FEW MONTHS (Actual dates).

We took a NEW brand, that had only been on the market for (insert short time period), and grew it into a business taking in $$$ per month in just NUMBER OF DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS.

Diversified off Amazon

Grew email list of # of people

Taking home net income of $$$
Inside the TAS Inner Circle, you're doing more than just meeting other highly experienced entrepreneurs. You are essentially getting me and my TAS Team as partners in your business, without having to sacrifice any equity OR share profits. 

When you're accepted into the TAS Inner Circle, we commit to your business success as though we started it ourselves. We're so dedicated to seeing you thrive and grow that we think of ourselves more like partners than consultants. 

And the best part? You get all of that time, determination, and passion WITHOUT worrying about giving up any of your own ownership in the company. And you don't even have to share any of the profits you make! 

PLUS,  you'll get the chance to connect with the other highly successful and motivated business owners who have also joined the TAS Inner Circle, letting you learn from what is and isn't working for other experts in their niches. 

You'll get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the TAS Team.
You won't just get to learn from me, Scott Voelker, but also from the incredible team of business, ecommerce, and systems experts he's surrounded himself to make his own businesses absolutely CRUSH IT. You'll get to work with Chris Shaffer, Joel Bower, and exclusive special guests who can help you overcome obstacles in your business and learn strategies and tactics that you can use for years. 
If you're ready to TAKE ACTION and bring your business to the next level, click on the button below to fill out an application!

You'll answer questions about your business, from how it is today to what you'd like to see it become in the future. 

You'll also answer questions about your business goals, obstacles, and specialties that you can bring to the table. 

We take this application very seriously. I want to ensure you get your money's worth from the Inner Circle, so I'm focused on finding people who can truly benefit from what we've set out to do. 

The TAS Inner Circle is limited to just 10 members. This guarantees personalized and individual attention from our team, as well as the opportunity to get to know your fellow members extremely well.

Next Group is being filled now....Limited Spots Available!

Here's what our members get access to in this EXCLUSIVE mastermind Group:

Private Introductory Calls

Each member gets a 30 minutes one-on-one with Scott at the beginning of the Mastermind.

2 In-Person Group Retreats

We will get together in person 2 times throughout the year to immerse ourselves in networking and education. *
*Airfare and Accommodation Not Included

Monthly Accountability Calls

Group calls will keep all of us accountable, as we update with our progress and keep one another on track.

12 Month Membership

Each mastermind program lasts 12 months, where you'll learn from the best and pick the minds of other amazing entrepreneurs. 
This exclusive mastermind isn't for everyone. The fact of the matter is, maybe it just isn't right for you. 

We want to make sure that every member of the TAS Inner Circle will truly benefit from our material, and that you have the chance to not only come away with incredible value, but to bring value to your fellow students. 

So how do you know if the TAS Inner Circle will work for YOU? 

  •  You are EXCITED to make your mark on the world.
  •  You thrive in an entrepreneurial environment with other business owners who are excited to learn from you - and excited to teach you. 
  •  You want to grow - both in your business and in your life, and understand that the two should work together to make you and your business incredible. 
  •  You believe anything is possible, and want to test the limits. 
  •  You don't take shortcuts and aren't looking for "get rich quick" schemes. 
  •  You are determined and dedicated to make your business thrive.
  •  You are ready and excited to make a large investment in yourself and your business to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.
Here's what you need to be a part of the TAS Inner Circle:
  •  Your business makes a minimum of $25,000 per month.
  •  You know the basics of marketing. Your website has to be functionable, you must have an active email list or past Amazon customers, and you need to know how to sell to your audience. 
  •  You are motivated and organized. You will be able to keep up with the advice given in the course and take action quickly. 
  •  You can take and give constructive feedback. It's important that you are able to take feedback and use it to better your business, and that you can provide feedback that will help another's. 
The TAS Inner Circle is limited to just 10 members per group. This guarantees personalized and individual attention from our team, as well as the opportunity to get to know your fellow members extremely well.

To be considered for an exclusive spot, you MUST complete an application. This application helps us determine if the TAS Inner Circle is a good fit for you, your business, and your life, as well as if you are going to be an awesome fit to our community. Not everyone who applies will be accepted. 

If you're selected, we'll reach out to you with more information!

AND ACT FAST. There are just three spots available!

Q: I've seen a LOT of masterminds out there - what makes this one DIFFERENT?

The BIG thing that separates the TAS Inner Circle from other masterminds is the focus on community. You're not just getting access to a single guy who's had some business success. You get access to the whole TAS Team, as well as other highly successful entrepreneurs who have joined the Inner Circle with you

And we won't just look at your business - we're extremely dedicated to seeing you THRIVE and SUCCEED. Consider us business partners... who don't take equity or share in the profits when you break through to the next level in your business. 

Q: What I really need is access to more resources and education - will this mastermind do that for me?

Yes! The TAS Inner Circle is a WELL CONNECTED group that can get you access to people and strategies you've never seen before. We'll be bringing in keynote speakers who are experts in their particular fields to give you even MORE education than we can provide alone. 

PLUS, other members of the Inner Circle have their own wealth of resources and education to provide to the rest of the group!

Q: How do I know if I'm eligible to join? When will I find out if I've been accepted?

As a general rule, you need to have a minimum monthly net revenue of 25K to be accepted into the group. If you're being considered, one of our members will typically reach out to you to discuss things further within 7-10 days. 

Q: I don't want any direct competitors stealing my best ideas and strategies. Will I have to worry about that?

We are VERY careful about having direct competitors in the same Inner Circle group to avoid this exact concern. If any two members have similar niches, even with different products, we are sure to communicate as a team and make a decision based on what is best for everyone involved. So far, we haven't had any issues with this, and in fact, people with similar niches have been able to thrive EVEN MORE with the knowledge shared between them!

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