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As a member of the TAS Breakthrough U, you get access to...

All of Our Amazon Training Programs!

From the Private Label Classroom to the Product Discovery Bootcamp, get all of our Amazon training in ONE place!

Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group

Inside the Private TAS Breakthrough U Facebook Group, you'll be surrounded by like minded entrepreneurs, sharing their secrets and success!

Two LIVE Monthly Coaching Calls

Scott and Chris will cover a HUGE variety of topics to help you succeed on Amazon, from strategies, tactics, and general Q&A

Early Access to ALL TAS Live Events

Get an early bird special, including early registration and awesome discounts, to every single one of our TAS live events! 
As a Member of TAS Breakthrough U, You Get...
#1: Access To ALL Of Our Amazon Training Programs
Over the years, we've developed several incredible programs to help people build and grow their Amazon businesses. You'll get access to ALL of these programs, including...
The Product Discovery Bootcamp
The Product Discovery Bootcamp is an DEEP DIVE into the most challenging part of private labeling a product on Amazon: selecting a WINNING PRODUCT. This four-module program breaks down Scott's system of finding and sourcing amazing product to sell on Amazon.
The Private Label Classroom
The Private Label Classroom is the FIRST program developed by Scott, taking an IN DEPTH look at the 5 Step Process he uses each and every time he launches a brand new product on Amazon!
How To Build Your Product Launch List
This 7 day crash course covers how to build your own product launch list to make selling on Amazon EVEN EASIER. You can go through it day at a time or get through the whole thing at once to really get a jump start.
TAS Breakthrough Live Hotseat Sessions
This collection of hotseat sessions was collected at the TAS Breakthrough Live event in 2017. Watch as Scott and the team break down other students' Amazon businesses to help them grow even faster.
The Audience Accelerator
The Audience Accelerator is a collection of email campaigns designed to help you connect to your audience and build strong relationships, all while building a powerful, long-lasting brand off Amazon.
#2: Membership To Our Private Facebook Group
Connect to entrepreneurs who are striving to make their lives and businesses better! You'll meet like-minded people who understand what you're doing and why you're doing it. 
What do you get out of the TAS Breakthrough U Facebook Group?
  •  Personal connections with others working HARD to kill it on Amazon.
  •  Real-time feedback to any questions or concerns.
  •  Massive support base of people who want to see you succeed.
#3: Two Live Monthly Coaching Calls
Every month, Scott and Chris will get on LIVE Hangout Sessions within the TAS Breakthrough U Private Facebook group! These calls cover a HUGE variety of topics, including...
#4: Early Access To TAS Live Events
In the past, our TAS Live Events have sold out WITHIN MINUTES of going live! These incredible events bring the brightest TAS minds together. If you want to be a part of our live events, you will get FIRST ACCESS at an incredible Members-Only discount!
What Does A TAS Live Event Look Like?
  •  Multiple day business retreats! 
  •  Top of the line guest speakers!
  •  Small group masterminds with Scott and his team!
  •  Live demonstrations of the best tactics and strategies!
  •  Incredible locations with amazing amenities! 
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Hear From Successful TAS Breakthrough U Members!
Watch Bill's Testimonial
"Scott is successful at what he's doing and he has a real passion for sharing that with other people." - Bill
Watch Bill's Testimonial
"He's amazing at being able to drill it down to the must haves, the things you really have to do, but at the same time he gives you a glimpse of what's possible." - Jarrod
"He has a strong work ethic and he really believed in the people he was mentoring or talking to in the podcast."
- Keith
"Scott makes it very real and makes it feel very doable. Believing that you can do it makes it a lot easier to go out and be successful at it."
- Melissa
"Scott, I'm absolutely loving the direction you've taken with your PACE method! My one apprehension about starting an ecommerce store has been fear of following guidance form an influencer that really don't have my best interest at heart... I think that's why I resonate so much with your PACE method. Building a brand is the part I'm most excited about and the customer experience as a whole. Now solely focus on your ecommerce podcast and I feel like I'm set up for a great start in my ecommerce endeavors!"
-Laura Johnson, TAS Listener
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